This is a list of all in-stock trolls
Manufactured by: Russ Berrie
that are available for purchase
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1 inch Easter Troll with Basket

1 inch naked Troll

3 inch Babys first Christmas Troll

3 inch Boy Baby with Bottle Troll

3 inch Girl Baby with Bottle Troll

4 inch Birthday Girl Troll

4 inch Flower Girl Troll

4 inch New Years baby Troll

4 inch No1 Teacher Troll

Around the World Arab Troll

Around the World Canadian Troll

Around the World England Troll

Around the World Israel Troll

Around the World Russia Troll

Ballerina Troll

Bat Mitzvah SoftBody Troll

Bat Mitzvah Troll

Fencer Troll

French Maid Troll

Get Well Soon Troll

Grandma Troll

Grandpa Troll

Handy Man Troll

Happy Birthday Boy Troll

I Love Daddy Troll

I Love Grandpa Troll

I Love My Brother Troll

Karate Troll

Manicurist Troll

Marine Troll

Mermaid Troll

Mr Wonderful Troll

Musician With Violin Troll

OverTheHill Its The Big One Troll

OverTheHill Life Begins At 50 Troll

OverTheHill Older Than Dirt Troll

Poodle Skirt Troll

Priest Troll

Punk Rocker Troll

Puppet Chef Troll

Puppet Doctor Troll

Puppet Fireman Troll

Puppet Nurse Troll

Puppet Policeman Troll

Puppet Wizard Troll

Referee Troll

Roman Toga Troll

Royal King Troll

Royal Knight Troll

Royal Prince Troll

Royal Princess Troll

Sail Boarder Troll

Skateboarder Troll

Sparticus Troll

Sundress Troll

Sweet Sixteen Troll

Thong Swimsuit Troll

Tourist With Camera Troll

Train Conductor Troll

Walkman Sunglasses Troll

Wedding Party Groom Troll

Workout Troll

Worlds Best Babysitter Troll