Far left is a 1 inch troll. Far right is a 17 inch troll.

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Museum of Troll Dolls
Manufactured by: Russ Berrie
This is an alphabetical listing of
all the trolls we have ever had in our store
Most of these trolls are not in stock now.
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1 inch Easter Troll with Basket
1 inch Haloween Pumpkin Troll
1 inch naked Troll
1 inch Necklace Troll
1 inch to 6 inch Troll comparison
10 inch GaaGaa Soft Baby Troll
10 inch GooGoo Soft Baby Troll
17 inch Signature Troll
2 inch Baby Easter Bunny Troll
2 inch baby Troll
2 inch Pin A+Teacher Troll
2 inch Pin Black Graduate Troll
2 inch Pin Blue Graduate Troll
2 inch Pin Red Graduate Troll
2 inch Valentine Baby Troll
3 inch Babys first Christmas Troll
3 inch Boy Baby with Bottle Troll
3 inch Girl Baby with Bottle Troll
3 inch I Love You with Flowers Troll
3 inch Valentine Baby Love Troll
4 inch Birthday Girl Troll
4 inch Christmas Candy Cane Troll
4 inch Christmas Caroler Troll
4 inch Christmas elf Troll
4 inch Christmas Troll W Present
4 inch Flower Girl Troll
4 inch Halloween Bandit Troll
4 inch Halloween Skeleton Costume Troll
4 inch Halloween Vampire Small Troll
4 inch Indian Boy Troll
4 inch Indian Girl Troll
4 inch Lucky Lottery Troll
4 inch New Years baby Troll
4 inch No1 Teacher Troll
4 inch Pilgrim Boy Troll
4 inch Pilgrim Girl Troll
4 inch Rainbow Troll
4 inch Ring bearer Troll
7 inch Bunny wSlippers Troll
70s Hippie Troll
8 inch Halloween Vampire Poseable Troll
9 inch Aerobics Troll
9 inch Aged to Perfection Troll
9 inch Ballerina Troll
9 inch Bedtime W Lamb Troll
9 inch Bride Troll
9 inch Clown Troll
9 inch Girl in Dress Troll
9 inch Golfer Troll
9 inch Groom Troll
9 inch Halloween Vampire Large Troll
9 inch Hula Troll
9 inch Lingerie Troll
9 inch Purple Ballerina Troll
9 inch Red Lingerie Troll
9 inch Santa Troll
9 inch Skier Troll
9 inch Thong Swimsuit Troll
9 inch Valentine Boxer shorts Troll
9 inch Vampire Troll
9 inch Witch Troll
9 inch Workout Orange Troll
9 inch Workout Purple Troll
90s Nurse Troll
Ali Baba Troll
Alien Boy Troll
Alien Girl Troll
American Flag Waving Troll
Angel Troll
Archer Troll
Around the World Arab Troll
Around the World Australian Troll
Around the World Canadian Troll
Around the World China Troll
Around the World England Troll
Around the World French Troll
Around the World German Troll
Around the World Holland Troll
Around the World Iceland Troll
Around the World India Troll
Around the World Israel Troll
Around the World Italian Troll
Around the World Japanese Troll
Around the World Mexico Troll
Around the World Russia Troll
Around the World Scotland Troll
Around the World Spain Troll
Around the World USA Troll
Astronaut Troll
Attorney Troll
Aviator Bomber Jacket Troll
Backpack Troll
Ballerina Troll
Bar Mitzvah Troll
Baseball Troll
Basketball Red White Troll
Basketball Troll
Bat Mitzvah SoftBody Troll
Bat Mitzvah Troll
Bathrobe Slippers Curlers Troll
Bathtime Boy With Rubber Ducky Troll
Bathtime Girl With Rubber Ducky Troll
Bellboy Troll
Big Sister Troll
Biker Troll
Black 90s Nurse Troll
Black Ballerina Troll
Black Happy Birthday with Present Troll
Black Roller Blader Troll
Black Soldier Troll
Blue Swimsuit Troll
Body Builder Troll
Born to Ski Troll
Bowler Troll
Boxer Troll
BrightOfAmerica with Earing Troll
Buckskin Indian Troll
Bullfighter Troll
Bunny baby Troll
Bunny dad Troll
Bunny mom Troll
Bunny parasol Troll
Camoflage Commando Troll
Camp Original Troll
Camp Troll
Candy Striper Troll
Caveman Troll
Cheerleader Blue Yellow Troll
Cheerleader Purple Yellow Troll
Christmas Caroler boy Troll
Christmas Caroler girl Troll
Christmas Ice Skater Troll
Christmas Present Musical Troll
Christmas Reindeer Troll
Christmas snowman Troll
ChristmasTree Troll
Classic Nurse Troll
Closable Eyes W Lashes Troll
Coach Troll
Colonial Troll
Communion Troll
Court Jester Troll
Cupid Troll
Cute Lil Devil Troll
Cyclist Troll
Dentist Troll
Detective Troll
Dinosaur Costume Troll
Doctor Troll
Easter Bunny wBasket Eggs Troll
Easter Bunny wPaintbrush Troll
Easter Chick wBeak Troll
Equestrian Troll
Farmer Troll
Female Rock Star Troll
Fencer Troll
Fire Fighter Troll
Fireman Troll
Fisherman Troll
Floral Playsuit Troll
Football Player Troll
French Maid Troll
Friar Troll
Frontier Troll
Funky Troll
Genie Troll
Get Well Soon Troll
Ginger Bread Man Troll
Girl wKitten Troll
GirlPower Metallic Skirt Troll
GirlPower With Denim Skirt Troll
GirlPower With Shorts Troll
GirlPower With Striped Skirt Troll
GirlPower With Sunglasses Troll
Giuseppe Troll
Golfer Troll
Grandma Troll
Grandma with yarn Troll
Grandpa Troll
Grim Reaper Troll
Gymnastics Troll
Halloween Alien Costume Troll
Halloween crawling baby Troll
Halloween Kitty Costume Troll
Halloween Monster Troll
Halloween Mummy Troll
Halloween One Eye Monster Troll
Halloween Pumpkin Costume Troll
Halloween Skeleton Costume Troll
Halloween Vampire Troll
Halloween Witch Troll
Handy Man Troll
Happy Birthday Boy Troll
Happy Birthday Clown Troll
Happy Birthday Girl Troll
Happy Birthday Girl with present Troll
Happy Birthday Present Boy Troll
Happy Birthday Present Girl Troll
Hey Whats For Lunch Backpack Troll
Hillbillie Corn Cob Pipe Troll
Hobo Troll
Hockey Player Troll
Hula Skirt Troll
I Love Daddy Troll
I Love Elvis Troll
I Love Grandpa Troll
I Love Hiking wBackpack Troll
I Love Mommy Troll
I Love My Brother Troll
I Love My Grandma Troll
I Love My Sister Troll
Ice Skating Girl Troll
Indian Baby Troll
Indian with Papoose Troll
Irish Boxer shorts Troll
Irish Shamrock Troll
Irish St Patricks Day Troll
Jogger Troll
Junk Food Troll
Karate Troll
King Tut Troll
Lavender Playsuit Troll
Lawyer Troll
Lifeguard Troll
Magician Troll With Rabbit Troll
Manicurist Troll
Marine Troll
Mary Gardener Troll
Mermaid Troll
Mets Baseball Pin Troll
Mommy To Be Troll
Mother With Baby Troll
Moto Cross Troll
Mr Fix It Troll
Mr Wonderful Troll
Mrs Claus Troll
Musical Patriotic Bear Troll
Musician w Cello Troll
Musician w Horn Troll
Musician With Violin Troll
Naked Troll
Nefertiti Troll
Nighty Night Boy Troll
Nighty Night Girl Troll
Ninja Troll
No1 Grandpa Troll
No1 Hairstylist Troll
No1 Troll Collector Troll
Nurse Troll
Nutcracker Troll
One Eye Monster Troll
OverTheHill Aged To Perfection Troll
OverTheHill Its The Big One Troll
OverTheHill Life Begins At 40 Troll
OverTheHill Life Begins At 50 Troll
OverTheHill Life Begins At 60 Troll
OverTheHill Older Than Dirt Troll
Painter Troll
PeeWee Large Soft Baby Troll
Pilgrim Harvest Girl Troll
Pilgrim Hunter Troll
Pirate Troll
Pizza Cook Troll
Policeman Troll
Poodle Skirt Troll
Pookee Large Soft Baby Troll
Postman Troll
Priest Troll
Punk Rocker Troll
Puppet Chef Troll
Puppet Doctor Troll
Puppet Fireman Troll
Puppet Nurse Troll
Puppet Policeman Troll
Puppet Wizard Troll
Purple Ballerina Troll
Rabbit in Egg PJs Troll
Raincoat & Red Boots Troll
Rare Sequined Troll
Red Leatherette Troll
Red Lingerie Troll
Red Swimsuit Troll
Referee Troll
Retro Boy Troll
Retro Girl Troll
Ring Halloween Skeleton Troll
Robert E Troll
Robot Boy Troll
Robot Girl Troll
Roller Troll
Roman Toga Troll
Royal King Troll
Royal Knight Troll
Royal Prince Troll
Royal Princess Troll
Royal Queen Troll
Russ Troll For President
Sail Boarder Troll
Save The Earth Troll
Short Order Cook Troll
Skateboarder Troll
Snorkeler Troll
Soccer Super Kicker Troll
Soldier Troll
Sparticus Troll
Spring Time Boy Troll
Spring Time Girl Troll
Star&Heart Sun Dress Troll
Stock Broker Troll
Storybook Goldilocks Troll
Storybook Little Bo Peep Troll
Storybook Little Red Riding Hood Troll
Storybook Peter Pan Troll
Storybook Pinocchio Troll
Storybook Rapunzel Troll
Storybook Snow White Troll
Sundress Troll
Super Dad Troll
Surf Boarder Troll
Surgeon Troll
Sweater Troll
Sweet Sixteen Troll
Taxtime Accountant Troll
Teacher Troll
Teenager w Telephone Troll
Tennis Troll
Thong Swimsuit Troll
Tourist With Camera Troll
Train Conductor Troll
Troll Outfit Ballet
Troll Outfit Bikini
Troll Outfit Bow print dress
Troll Outfit Bridal Gown
Troll Outfit Nurse
Troll Outfit Red Sun Dress
Troll Outfit Workout
Turkey Costume Troll
TutNefer Troll
Valentine Boxer Shorts Troll
Valentine I Love You Troll
Valentine Lingerie Troll
Valentine Love Sick Troll
Valentine Mailman Troll
Valentine Message Troll
Valentine Prisoner Of Love Troll
Valentine SWAK Troll
Valentine Youre Very Special Troll
Volleyball Player Troll
Wacky Wabbit Mod Troll
Wacky Wabbit Sweater Troll
Waiter Troll
Waitress Troll
Walkman Sunglasses Troll
Wedding Party Bride Troll
Wedding Party Groom Troll
Weenie roast Troll
Wizard Troll
Workout Troll
Worlds Best Babysitter Troll